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Impeachment Drive Picks Up Steam

  • The worst-kept secret in Washington is President Bill Clinton's vulnerability to an impeachment vote in the House.

As allegations against Bill Clinton mount, so does the momentum to get him out. In addition to the 18 Republican House members who have sugned an inquiry of impeachment, now even Democrats want him out.

Just as Democrats saw the anti-NAFTA handwriting on the wall ad were instrumental in defeating Clinton administration-sponsored fast track legislation, so too the president's own party will bring him down. That's the consensus of Capitol Hill insiders who spoke to The SPOTLIGHT on condition of anonymity.

And, as several SPOTLIGHT readers have written: if bill Clinton is impeached, tried and found guilty, we will get Al Gore. That's what the Democrats are thinking.

The private thinking at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is that, if Clinton is allowed to finish out his term, he will destroy the chances of a Democrat being elected in 2000. If Gore takes over, however, he will be able to salvage enough credibility to position himself for a 2000 run. And the DNC likes Gore much better than House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.), who doesn't take orders nearly so well.

Meanwhile, the evidence of malfeasance and nonfeasance at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C. is mounting. For instance:

  • The president has politicized virtually all the law enforcement agencies of the federal government. He used the FBI, IRS, and Justice Department to smear Billy Dale. Dale was the longtime head of the White House travel office Hillary decided had to go. The politically induced investigation of Dale and acquisition of FBI files under false pretenses is an impeachable offense.
  • The president compromised the FBI into providing him raw background files on GOP political appointees. Clinton turned the leadership of the Resolution Trust Corporation and the Treasury Department into a dragnet for information about potential prosecutions relating to Whitewater. Impeding this investigation is an impeachable offense.
  • Under Clinton's administration, Attorney General Janet Reno has become a tool in criminal cover-ups. Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.
  • The immigration and Naturalization Service was used to naturalize thousands of aliens who would not ordinarily qualify for citizenship, some of them convicted criminals. Many believe they became instant Democratic voters.
  • The White House has extensive computer facilities and a broad database paid for with taxpayer funds, which is to be used solely for government purposes. However, at the command of Bill and Hillary, this computer system and database were used to support Clinton's reelection campaign. Theft of government property is an impeachable offense.
  • Since entering the White House, Bill and Hillary have used the White House Counsel's office like their own personal law firm. The late Vince Foster worked on the Clintons' personal tax problems related to Whitewater while he was deputy White House counsel. Personal use of government lawyers is an impeachable offense.
  • Paula Jones brought sexual harassment charges against Clinton dating from when he was governor of Arkansas. The evidence appears t be stronger than that brought against Marv Albert. The later took a plea bargain. This sexual harassment is impeachable conduct.
  • The Clinton White House has sold access and policy changes to Red China "Clinton's conduct on these matters is in fact impeachable as simple gross misconduct, and a failure to faithfully uphold laws and protect the U.S. against enemies foreign and domestic, as he pledged to do in the oath of office," the Center for American Values says. Bribery is an impeachable offense.
  • Through his 1996 reelection campaign, President Clinton engaged in massive, thorough, and wide-ranging violations of federal campaign contribution laws. This is an impeachable offense.
  • Clinton provided disgraced Justice Department official and 'Friend of Bill' Webb Hubbell with massive funds, through third party friends, after Hubbell was thrown out of the White House and before his jail term. Clinton critics call this 'hush Money.' Bribery is an impeachable offense.
  • Following Vince Foster's death, White House aides seized documents pertinent to an ongoing criminal investigation. If you try it, you'll likely be charged with obstruction of justice. No charges were pressed against Clinton. Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense.

"President Clinton has conducted himself and his administration with brazen lawlessness unprecedented in American history," says the Center for American Values. 'The members of the House of Representatives would be failing to uphold their oaths of office if they do not vote to impeach William Jefferson Clinton and send this case to the Senate for trial."