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Clinton's Ordering Your Rights Away

  • Is there no longer an equal separation of powers -- executive, legislative and judicial -- that is supposed to be guiding the rule of law in the American republic, as outlined in the United States Constitution?
By Mike Blair

Under the administration of President Bill Clinton, America is being ruled by Executive Orders issued by the president, particularly when Congress decides that it is not happy with one of Clinton's New World Order schemes.

Clinton's latest Executive Order induced outrage came September 11 when he signed one of his worst, launching his "American Heritage" Rivers Initiative, which will target 10 American waterways for supposed cleanup "and other improvement." Ten more will be selected each year.

In typical Clinton style, the president waited until the focus of the American people was else where- in this case with the death of Princess Diana and her subsequent funeral and international mourning -- to pull his sneak attack.

Clinton just stands by at the White House until the nation is engrossed in some type of disaster, overplayed celebrity fiasco such as the trial of O.J. Simpson or some national trauma, to pull his infamies against America's liberties.

On May 19, the White House Council on Environmental Quality published an innocent-looking notice in the Federal Register, heralding Clinton's then- proposed American Heritage Rivers Initiative.

At that point many critics objected loudly. Less than two weeks later it was announced that a 60-day period would be allowed to give the people an opportunity to outline their objections.

After a hearing in Washington, it was unclear if the supposed "voluntary" imitative would include federal strings, such as restriction on land use, zoning regulation, etc. Many suspect the initiative does.

"It seems like every time I open the Federal Register, there's a new effort by the federal government to become the nanny of our resources," Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho) rightfully noted.

Because of these many concerns about "the Great Clinton Land Grab" more time was requested for study and more public airing of the issue. Another 60 day extension was sought.

Meanwhile, Rep. Chenoweth had introduced H.R. 1842, which would prevent the use of any federal taxpayer funds for the initiative, thus making it a dead issue.

The Chenoweth bull languished in the House committee on Resources. As she attempted to find co-sponsors, Clinton used the smoke screen of the Princess Di tragedy to sign his executive order enacting the initiative.

It was duly recorded on September 12 in a one-inch story on page 9A of the USA Today.


Congress has never passed a law overriding a presidential executive order. Nowhere in the U.S. constitution are there provisions granting powers to the president to rule by decree, otherwise known by the "politically correct" as executive orders.

Recently the Supreme Court struck down a part of the so-called Brady Law which mandates a five-day waiting period on the purchase of a handgun in America, the part that required state and local police departments to enforce the law. Why? Because the federal government has no jurisdiction to force the states to enforce its laws.

Several months ago, President Clinton, again by presidential decree, ruled that all states must check the identification of anyone up to the age of 27 who wants to buy cigarettes. This is known as "proofing."

The states cannot be required to enforce a law enacted by Congress, the Brady Law, for instance, but a Clinton decree, "proofing" for cigarette purchases, is meekly being enforced by all the states.

Where is the Congress? Why hasn't the Supreme Court been heard from on these executive orders?

Where are our nation's governors, whose powers are continually being eroded?

What is it that forces men of the state and national legislatures, the judiciary, the press, etc. to fall in lockstep behind the actions of the most immoral and corrupt president in the history of the American republic?

Could it be the coming of, or perhaps even the arrival of, a New World Order?

And, if the Global Plantation does succeed in its plans for world domination, who, ultimately, will be issuing the executive orders?