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Amendment Aimed at Keeping U.S. in Hands of Americans Deserves Support

  • A patriot in Congress has introduced a measure to preserve American sovereignty.
By Tony Blizzard

Most of those who are shocked by pervasive UN intrusion have fallen for the oft repeated lie that "treaties supersede the constitution so there's nothing we can do."

So successful has the big lie been that a patriotic congresswoman, Rep Helen Chenoweth (R-Idaho), has introduced H. Con. Res 83, which is essentially a revival of the famous Bricker Amendment.

The amendment, repeatedly introduced in Congress by Sen. John Bricker (R- Ohio), would restate constitutional treaty limitations which have been discarded by a politicized U.S. Supreme Court.

The amendment declares, "... a provision of a treaty which denies or abridges any right enumerated in this Constitution shall not be of any force or effect."

It also forbids any treaty from allowing any foreign power to "supervise, control or adjudicate rights of citizens of the United States."

The oft quoted "supremacy" clause used in this subversion from Art. 6, Paragraph 2 of the constitution is:

"... All treaties ... shall be the supreme law of the land ... any thing in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding."

Lost down the memory hole is the fact that every time the Constitution refers to itself, "this" is the article used. Using "the" once only indicates that state constitutions shall not override a treaty since treaties are delegated to the federal government. The founders, although in disagreement on Article 6, said as much. Jefferson summed it up in a few words:

"Surely the President and the Senate cannot do by treaty what the whole government is interdicted from doing in any way."

If you falue your freedom and that of your children, tell your congressman to cosponsor and actively endorse and support Rep Chenoweth's bill that would revive the America first philosophy of the Bricker Amendment.

The time was when Americans were aware of treaty powers and, more importantly, of treaty limitations. Federal lawmakers understood their purpose was to assure the people's constitutional guarantees, not diminish them. They knew that no treaty could lawfully override those guarantees.

One that failed the test was the globalists' first attempt at unelected world control, The League of Nations. Thrust on a demoralized world after bloody World war I as the proposed "silver bullet" to eliminate future carnage, it quietly evaporated when our Senate refused to compromise U.S. sovereignty to the elitists' propaganda campaign.

Some sages say this act of patriotism by the Senate foiled globalist plans for a world order necessitating the globalist decision to launch World War II, with its frightening technological advances in mass murder of civilians, so that a new American generation would readily ratify the renamed scheme, now called the United Nations. Only two senators opposed United States inclusion in the UN when it came up for a vote. At first, milk-toothed UN treaties were couched in vague and innocuous language, alerting only a few that they could actually apply to the United States along with those "backward nations which wanted our tax money."

In time it became plain that the UN socialists intended a revolutionary change of international law to apply to the citizen individually rather than to issues between nations. Obviously, this meant tampering with internal, domestic law in member states.

After WWII, it became clear that wannabe world leaders were gradually acquiring the means to back up their attack on nationalism. They formed an alphabet soup of socialistic sub-organizations designed to cover every aspect of every life, even in the air and under the sea.

A portion of Congress finally became alarmed enough to pass the Connally Reservation to keep American individuals out of the World Court and to introduce the Bricker Amendment.

Likewise, proposed U.S. ratification of the Internationalist Genocide Treaty ran into a buzz-saw of American patriotic opposition spearheaded by Liberty Lobby, the populist Institution that publishes The SPOTLIGHT.

Ironically, however, the genocide convention was only approved by a Republican-controlled Senate led by then-Sen. Robert Dole of Kansas, later the 1996 GOP presidential candidate and then signed by trusted "conservative" President Ronald Reagan.

Since the UN's implementation, Washington has continually accelerated unlawful treaties, backed by the deceptive media phrase "peace through law." This has diminished an individual's "guaranteed rights" in favor of police state "peace."

An early area targeted by the globalists was education, and our schools, dedicated socialist soft spots, applied every program UNESCO could dream up.

Consequently, three generations contain many psychologically-damaged graduates. Many Americans find any unlawful socialistic scheme a good solution to some 'expert's" announced problem.

Lyndon Johnson and contemporary congressmen took advantage of the scam, launching the "Great Society,' with its gross federal intrusions on private lives, to a degree FDR and Woodrow Wilson only dreamed.

Presidents Bush and Clinton, enthralled with ever more onerous UN-mandated violations of private life, have unabashedly demanded our military be integrated into the unelected elitists" private army of world pacification.

After recent developments, such as: leasing American soil to foreign military units, setting up Communist China with American sea and land ports, unlawful civilian arms suppression, federal goons murdering American citizens on command and the court martial of U.S. Army Spec.4 Michael New for refusing to wear UN insignia on his U.S. Army uniform, Congress may get the picture.

There is danger in a world policed by myrmidons of unelected, unprincipled, untouchable, unbridled and unmovable elitist outlaws masquerading as a world government. "It can't happen here," isn't heard anymore.