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U.S. Faces New Sovereignty Grab

  • If the World Government has its way, it's good bye Second Amendment.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

The United Nations is whacking away at the sovereignty of nations who are, under the Bilderberg plan, to surrender to a world government by agreeing to "voluntary" commitments that become binding.

That is the view of a high State Department official who has monitored Bilderberg for The SPOTLIGHT for more than a decade.

The most dramatic recent incident is the discovery that a UN commission is drafting "voluntary" global gun controls, but President Bill Clinton will also surrender more American sovereignty to the UN when he visits Japan in December, he said.

The UN's draft gun resolution has already been endorsed by the Clinton administration and approved, without objection, by the 54-member UN Economic and Social Committee.

Much of what the UN intends to make world law could be found on the books already: licensing firearm dealers, creating "amnesty" programs to encourage people to hand over their guns and mandatory training in gun safety.

It also proposes a serial numbering system to track guns used in crimes which would lead to world registration of private firearms under a UN agency, he said.

The pending UN declaration on firearms "is a first step and will lead to a UN convention of firearms which, if signed on to by this or any future administration and ratified by a future Senate, would become the law of the land,' the official said.

The resolution was drafted by the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, based in Vienna. It has yet to be considered by the UN Security Council.


Jonathan Winer, the State Department's deputy assistant secretary for narcotics and head of the American delegation to the crime commission in Vienna, welcomed the introduction of a global role in gun control.

"The U.S. view is that it would be helpful to have international norms to deal with the import and export and transnational movement of firearms," Winer said.

The National Rifle Association objected to a UN role in gun regulation on the grounds that it would be binding.

Administration officials plan for Clinton to accept mandatory UN-imposed limits on U.S. carbon monoxide emissions when he travels to Japan in December, the State Department said.

"That's why the president and 'Chicken Little' (Vice President Al Gore) are carping so much about ecology in recent weeks," he said. "They are preparing the public to accept the rules."

The "rules," he warned, would allow poor countries to pollute at will while placing severe restrictions on the United States, leading to thousands of lost jobs as industry heads for friendly countries.

Meanwhile, he said, "There is a large body of scientists who say there is no global warming, just an emerging global government."