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Book chain accused of hucking kiddie porn

  • A nationally-known activist has set his sights on a book store chain he ways sells child pornography.

Jack Sturges, Radiant Identities and The Last Day of Summer were all written by Jack Sturges. According to abortion activist and talk show host Randall Terry, these books portray little girls in numerous, nude poses, genitals showing, blatant seductive and clearly pornographic stances, etc.

Some Barnes & Nobles bookstores sell them, others have refused to sell them.

Recently, a group of Concerned People from New York State went to the Barnes & Nobles bookstore and tore pages out of the books in front of the manager. The citizens told the manager that "child pornography" is illegal. The manager did not press charges, not did he promise not to carry these child pornography books in the store. The Concerned Citizens are pressing charges.

Of the three books, Last Days of Summer is the mildest and Jack Sturges is the most blatant in pornography, according to Terry.

"Jesus said if someone makes a child stumble, 'it is better to tie a millstone around their neck and thrown them into the sea" Terry said on a broadcast. "We must stop this weapon of destruction against our innocent children.

"We cannot tolerate this abomination in silence, for in doing so, we are just as guilty as the child pornographer, Jack Sturges, and his audience of perverted pedophiles and pederasts," he added. "These books are being used to use and molest small girls which is the well known standard operating procedure of child molesters."

Terry urged activists to visit their local bookstores and to make a deliberate gesture, such as tearing pages out of books, of demonstrating clearly to the managers of these stores.

Barnes & Nobles bookstores were in the news last year when corporate heads decided to give homosexual partners the same benefits as spouses.