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Video accuses 60 Minutes of cover-up

  • The 60 Minutes Deception, by Citizens for Honest Government. VHS, 75 minutes.
By John Tiffany

Who killed presidential aide Vincent Foster? Almost every time the mainstream media mentions the death, even in passing, they seem to feel compelled to mention that it was a suicide. But to paraphrase Shakespeare, "Methinks the media protesteth to much.

Fort Marcy Park is in Virginia, just across the Potomac River from Washington. Usually it is a tranquil spot. But on July 20, 1993, a body was found there -- Foster's. Readers of The SPOTLIGHT are very familiar with the many discrepancies in the official investigation of this mysterious death.

The 60 Minutes Deception not only brings these facts out, but also goes on to deal with an outstanding example of the perfidy of the mainstream media, specifically the CBS 60 Minutes show of October 8, 1995 with Mike Wallace.

The hero of this video expose of 60 Minutes is investigative reporter Christopher Ruddy, a rising journalist based at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Although Ruddy had been interviewed at length by 60 Minutes, the popular CBS "newspmagazine" chose to censor most of what Ruddy had to say.

In the video Ruddy is given the opportunity to present his findings. It points toward the fact Foster was murdered. 60 Minutes opted to perpetrate a hoax on the American people by not broadcasting that portion of the interview.

According to a secret December 13, 1994 internal memo, the White House -- perturbed that one lone U.S. reporter, Ruddy, (who was later to be joined by Brithisher Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and others) Would dare to not toe the official line on Foster's death -- decided to attack Ruddy, using the midia to try to undermine Ruddy's credibility.

Wallace's office contacted Ruddy and told him they were interested in getting to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Foster's death. But their real purpose, unbeknownst to Ruddy, was to carry out the guidelines set forth in the secret memo. Instead of searching for the truth, they set out to make Ruddy look bad, as if he did not know what he was talking about.


Although Wallace did keep interrupting Ruddy and acted very sarcastic, this effect of ridiculing Ruddy was achieved not so much in the interview itself as in the editing room afterward. Ruddy's remarks were cut to the extent that he appeared to be talking in sentence fragments, rather that he complete sentences he actually used in the interview.

An examination of the edited transcript shows how the remarks were cut to shreds to make Ruddy appear incoherent while Wallace seems to give him the third degree.

"All in all, the ling and short of it is that the 60 Minutes show was a hatchet job," says one media analyst (reporter Thomas McArdle of investor's Business Daily) in the video. This flawed and dishonest behavior, allegedly, is standard operating procedure for the mainstream TV show.

This video does an excellent job of not only showing that there was undoubtedly foul play in the demise of Foster, but also that the moguls who control network TV are fully as culpable in this matter, by covering up the facts, as any denizen of the White House. It's called obstruction of justice, and it's a felony.