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Black Writer Predicts Race War

  • Although a writer who is supposed to be in touch with American thought says a race war is just around the corner, the mainstream doesn't want you to know about it.
By Todd Blodgett

Carl T. Rowan, the black Ultra-liberal columnist and writer, has written a book entitled The Coming Race War in America. Published by Little, Brown, Inc. Rowan writes that, "Before the end of the century, this country seems destined to look more like the South Africa of a decade ago than any dream of racial and ethnic tranquillity."

That the mainstream media has largely ignored this book is realing in two important ways. First, many of those in the media have failed to take seriously the problems confronting America concerning race. Second, the mainstream scribes want for the American people to believe that only those on the right wing of U.S. Politics are warning about an inevitable race-based conflict (which has already begun) that could very well foreshadow the end of America as most Americans know it.

The Coming Race War in America is a collection of rantings and ravings about the deplorable condition of blacks in America. What's truly amazing about the tome is that nowhere in the book does Rowan hold accountable those who are most to blame for the very problems facing blacks today: black people themselves.

Rowan is not alone in shielding U.S. blacks and their irresponsible leaders such as Jesse Jackson from responsibility for the swelling welfare rolls, skyrocketing crime rate and rampant illegitimacy, deteriorating public schools and declining neighborhoods associated with the majority of African-Americans and their behavior.


But, in a new twist, at least for a pillar of the mainstream, Rowan predicts that prevailing public attitudes opposing affirmative action, for welfare cutbacks and tougher standards in public schools will be, for many blacks, the proverbial last straw leading to dozens of simultaneous riot-like uprisings in cities throughout the United States.

In The Coming Race War in America Rowan also writes "By 1964, when I was the director of the United States Information Agency in the Johnson administration, I was a little wiser (than in his earlier career). I had seen enough ... to take seriously the 1880 declaration by British Prime Minister Benjamin Disaeli that 'no man will treat with indifference the principle of race. It is the key to history.' I know now that we face an almost unbelievable conflict because our politicians have ... victimized us."

Fortunately, for Americans truly interested in understanding the caused of the racial troubles in America today, as well as feasible solutions to the resulting problems, there are some excellent books on this very subject.

For example, in America's Bimodal Crisis: Black Intelligence in White Society, now in its third edition, author Stanley Burham unveils his experiences as a college instructor of students, white and black, and how the relatively low ability of most African-American students bodes ill for the future of the United States and her ability to compete in an increasingly competitive world.