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Clinton Follows Bilderberg's Orders

  • The world government is using the environment to seize power in the United States.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

President Bill Clinton followed the Bilderberg script by promising the United Nations to seek binding international agreements to reduce carbon dioxide and other "greenhouse emissions".

The ultimate goal is a new "supranational" UN bureaucracy that can patrol the United States and other countries to enforce such commitments as part of the overall scheme to establish a world government.

The President, himself a Bilderberg member who owes his office to the world shadow government, had earlier pledged to "convince the American people and the Congress that the climate change problem is real and imminent."

Clinton, as scripted, had sped short of publicly committing to specific targets at the economic summit in Denver as a political gesture to Americans who enjoy frying hamburgers in their back yards or using power mowers.


Scientists who cite studies showing there is no "global warming" and economists who warn that American jobs will head south NAFTA-style under such agreements were also targets of Clinton's pose as a reluctant damsel.

Because "poor nations" are exempt from the immensely expensive burden of reducing emissions by 15 percent below 1990 levels by 2010, economists warn, many thousands of American jobs will disappear as industries flee the country to avoid the costs.

In an unlikely alliance, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the AFL-CIO warned that exempting China, Korea and other 'developing nations: would lead to a flight of U.S. jobs. (Many NAM members are small businessmen, not to be confused with international corporations represented in Bilderberg.)

"Millions of Americans would lose their jobs and American manufacturers would take a severe hit in the world marketplace," NAM President Jerry Jasinowski told a Senate finance subcommittee June 26.

Clinton, as a State Department Bilderberg expert warned (SPOTLIGHT July 7, 1997), promised the UN a specific commitment in time for a December meeting on global warming in Kyoto, Japan.

The president also embraced the guilt complex imposed on the United by the UN, acknowledging that this country has four percent of the world's population but produces more than one-fifth of all greenhouse gases.

The United states "must do better and we will," Clinton," Clinton pleaded in begging for world forgiveness. He failed to mention that many of the emissions are the result of the United States producing more food for more of the world's people than any nation in history.

Using an unprecedented scare tactic, the president argued that if the United States Fails to act, 9,000 square miles of Florida and Louisiana will disappear, agriculture will be crippled, multitudes will die of heat stress and infectious diseases will ravage the land.

"That was a blatant attempt to scare Americans into surrendering their national sovereignty,' said an anonymous State Department official to this reporter.