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G7 Summit Follows Bilderberg Group's Lead

  • The noble goal of achieving "clean air" is being exploited by power-hungry plutocrats with an insidious anti-American agenda.
By James P. Tucker Jr.

The administration's apparent reluctance to immediately agree to set a precise target for limiting smog production is a "Bilderberg orchestrated political charade," said a high State Department official.

"The United States will agree to stupid controls that could force families to stop using power mowers and frying hamburgers in their backyards," said the official, who has been a reliable Bilderberg -watcher for more than a decade.

At the recent, post-Bilderberg, summit of industrialized nations in Denver, Europeans criticized the United States for not agreeing to "specific targets" for reducing "greenhouse gases" by 2010.

President Clinton and his administration need to pose as reluctant damsels because of the huge industrial displacement and massive loss of jobs -- and resulting political backlash -- that would result from the accord, the official said.

"But after guilt is poured over America as 'the world's biggest polluter' and people are convinced that disaster awaits," the administration will join in the international agreement to reduce smog by 15 percent from 1990 levels by 2010, the official said.

Ultimately, the goal is to create such a "crisis sentiment" that Americans will accept another "supranational agency" of the UN to not only monitor global pollution but enforce limits, the official said.

Similar changes are already underway along the U.S./Mexico border. Recently the border was "dissolved" under a NAFTA side agreement that internationalists patiently waited 15 years to quietly implement: Border Region XXI. It robs American and Mexican sovereignty in the name of environmental protection (Spotlight, June 2).

Creating such an agency has long been a goal of Bilderberg and its brother group, the Trilateral Commission, as a means of expediting the UN's emergence as a de jure -- as well as de facto -- world government.

But "poor nations" would be excepted from the burden of reducing smog, meaning that NAFTA's "giant sucking sound" of American jobs going south would be echoed as industry flees the huge economic burden of compliance while exploiting salve-wage labor.

This also fits the Bilderberg-Trilateral goal of "redistributing the wealth" of the world, so the standard of living in America drops as that of the Third World rises.

Shortly after the summit in Denver, Clinton traveled to New York for a UN meeting on pollution and privately promised that the United States would "get in line soon,' when the "political climate" permits, the official said.

Another international meeting on the climate is planned for Kyoto, Japan in December and "by then this country will accept the targets," the official said.

"The United states was pilloried for causing 'one-fourth of the world's greenhouse gases but not for supplying the lion's share of the world's food,'" the official pointed out.


"We're in favor of targets; it's just a question of what the targets should be," said Clinton advisor Daniel Tarullo.

"They'll adjust the targets slightly, the administration will declare 'victory and sign off a commitment that will cost our economy billions, destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and advance the goal of leveling off the world economy," he said.

Pointedly ignored in Denver and elsewhere, he said, is an impressive body of evidence that htere is no "global warming' and, in some studies, the average world temperature has actually dropped a degree over the past century.

"After everybody embraces 'goals' the international discussion will turn to enforcement and that's when the subject of a UN agency will come up," the official said.

"It will be low-key and cone across to the public as just another of the UN's many agencies and be shrugged off by the press," he said. The 'watchdog' won't bark as more national sovereignty is surrendered to the UN.