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Plutocrats Push 'Racial Harmony,' World without Borders at Confab

  • It looks as though Gen. Colin Powell has been anointed as the next president of the United States by the Internationalist King-makers.
By James P. Tucker, Jr.

ATLANTA -- Bilderberg celebrated what participants called significant progress toward world government while meeting behind locked doors and armed guards at the remote but posh Renaissance Pine Isle Resort 50 miles from here.

Leaders called for a new push for "racial harmony" in the United States as an important step in cultivating the public mind to accept "a world without borders."

To patrol this world government, the new accords expanding NATO and giving Russia a voice means the troops can operate outside of Europe, said Henry Kissinger.

NATO had earlier become, effectively, the United Nations world army, Kissinger said, referring to earlier Bilderberg meetings. This was achieved when American troops wore blue helmets in Bosnia, serving under a European commander who reported to the UN Security Council, with the Congress and president having no voice.

Now another Major step has been accomplished, with the creation of a de facto international army. Under NATO expansion agreements, Russia will allow NATO to send troops anywhere in the world.

It is "more Likely" that NATO's first venture outside Europe would be an African "hot spot," perhaps the Congo (recently Zaire), Kissinger said. This would cause less consternation among nationalists than if NATO jumped right into some Central American country."

Another speaker praised President Clinton -- himself a Bilderberg member -- for extolling the virtues of racial harmony "as we speak."

(Clinton was naming a panel on "race relations" and delivering a commencement speech extolling "brotherhood" and telling Americans to prepare for America being a nation with a non-white majority. Clinton also talked of a formal congressional "apology" for slavery as Bilderberg was meeting.)

At the Bilderberg conference, a speaker who was an American with dark hair and complexion and who appeared to be in his 50s likewise hailed the new (racial) world order: "In the years ahead as whites, African-Americans and Asian-Americans marry and bear children, racial and cultural distinctions will blissfully blur.

"As the biological process proceeds, the public will come to more and more accept a world without borders, a world where the nation-state is a relic of history,' he said.

These words keyed into the subject of world ecology, a popular cause in recent years with Bilderberg and its brother group, the Trilateral Commission.

Dirty water and dirty air know no borders and people everywhere are growing to accept the fact that a supranational agency under the UN is "a necessary tool to preserve spaceship Earth,' he said.


Another speaker, a European in his 60s, also took up the racial banner, citing a recent Gallup Poll showing a high acceptance of racial mongrelization in the United States.

The poll found 61 percent of white Americans favor intermarriage with blacks. In 1958, only four percent of whites favored intermarriage with blacks and the figure grew to 45 percent in 1994.

In the latest poll, 93 percent of whites said they would vote for a Negro for president, up from 35 percent in 1958 and 77 percent in 1987, Gallup found.

Many of them would obviously not marry an African-American or vote for an African-American for president, another said during a discussion period.

"But it is tremendous progress that so many whites feel compelled to say so, anyway, and American public opinion is moving swiftly away from the nationalist mentality," he said.

"Let them spend their lives watching television and eating french fries -- we'll make them visionaries in spite of themselves," said another, to approving laughs and smirks.


To help promote the dual goals of racial mongrelization and establishing NATO as the UN's world army to be deployed anywhere on earth, Gen Colin Powell, the only Black to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was recruited into Bilderberg ranks at this meeting and was in attendance as a "star guest" at the Renaissance Pine Isle Resort.

Thanks to constant major media promotion and attention, Powell's popularity among Americans has remained in the astounding 90 percent range since he became a public figure during the Persian Gulf War.

"The Gulf War was worthwhile just to create Powell,' a Bilderberg participant said.

Powell's marriage to Bilderberg is a natural. Years ago When he was still chairman of the Joint Chiefs, this author confronted Powell on the issue of American soldiers serving under foreign commanders. Powell who -- describes himself as a "Rockefeller Republican" -- defended the unconstitutional practice.

Powell told his new Bilderberg Colleagues that he would strive for racial harmony and "a strong UN and NATO.

"Colin Powell will be of great value in helping 'fringe' Americans overcome their obsession with national sovereignty and to accept the world as it is going to be," said George Stephanopoulos, who is one of President Clinton's lapdogs and who was in attendance at a Bilderberg meeting for the second time.

Speaking of Clinton, it was at the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany in 1991 where the former Arkansas governor began his climb to the White House after Hobnobbing with the international elite.


Some concerns were expressed about supporters of America first advocate Pat Buchanan and France first champion Jean-Marie Le Pen in France. The presence of SPOTLIGHT readers and "right-wing extremists" picketing outside the gates of their gathering place also unnerved the Bilderbergers.

But they will triumph, Bilderberg luminaries told each other.

"These pockets of resistance to social justice are a problem and must be dealt with seriously," said one who spoke in a low voice believed by inside sources to belong to David Rockefeller. "But they can be isolated and contained; a whole new generation emerging that is immersed in the vision of a world with peace and prosperity for all."

Historically, the generations of David Rockefeller and his nephew Sen. John d. Rockefeller IV (D-W.Va.), whose wife, Sharon Percy Rockefeller was also in attendance, have a special definition of "prosperity for all."

It means lowering the American standard of living while lifting that of poor nations until the world economy is leveled off - but without reducing Rockefeller power and fortune.

Others stressed the meed for more immigration to the United States from poor Latin nations to both relieve their economic pressures while supplying cheap labor to American industry.

For this, was toasted and the call of their Trilateral Brothers for a UN agency to arbitrate immigration issues was endorsed. Under such a supranational Agency, America would be compelled to accept an undesirable immigrant.

"Some of us will be surprised at the further progress we find next year," an American said.