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Secrecy Veil around Bilderberg Breached, But Far From Gone

  • The mainstream press is slowly coming around to the fact that the Bilderberg meeting is news.
By Andrew Arnold

According to most U.S. newspaper editors, it is newsworthy for the first lady to stick her head into a room of underprivileged children and say "That's a shame," but it isn't newsworthy when she secretly meets with elitists who rule the world.

At least that is the impression one received reading most mainstream dailies last week. The New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times failed to mention Hillary Clinton's two-day visit to the Bilderberg meeting. Mor did they mention how the White House lied by omission, claiming that on Thursday, the first lady was only on lake Lanier Island, Georgia.

But things are changing, thanks to the persistence of Liberty Lobby and The SPOTLIGHT. For the first time ever, a few American dailies and wire services reported on the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group.

Copies of local newspapers containing Bilderberg-related stories were slowly drifting into The SPOTLIGHT's headquarters at Liberty Lobby as this edition of the paper was put to bed.

A handful of dailies particularly those in Georgia, found it newsworthy when the first lady met with the world's financial, industrial, educational and media elite.

The Times of Gainesville, Georgia, gave the meeting daily coverage and pointed out that The SPOTLIGHT's Jim Tucker has been trailing the Bilderberg gatherings for years. Atlanta's Journal and Constitution also provided some coverage. The Augusta Chronicle also editorialized on the secret -- and costly, especially for Georgia taxpayers - meeting.

The Associated Press and Reuters news service also filed stories on the meeting. In fact, at least one Reuters story appeared on the West Coast in the June 13 edition of the widely-read Orange County Register in which Reuters reporter David Morgan actually quoted Jim Tucker and described the group as a "semi-secret" organization. (The Reuters wire goes to every big daily in the United States.) The Register headlined the story "European and American elite gather in secret organization" -- daring to suggest, as The SPOTLIGHT has said for years, that Bilderberg is indeed a "secret organization."


This continues a trend that began in Europe four years ago after SPOTLIGHT subscribers overseas worked with Bilderberg-buster Jim Tucker and the Finnish press to expose the 1994 meeting in Helsinki.

The following year, the Swiss press and European wire services penetrated the secrecy around the Bilderberg meeting in Burgenstock. This coverage was the result of a massive release of a SPOTLIGHT news alert. This release hit all of Western Europe, but saturated the Swiss market.

Perhaps because of the attention they received in Europe, the Bilderberg Group decided to try North America next.

Again The SPOTLIGHT saturated the media with press releases. Again the spotlight shined on the international elitists in their host country, Canada, in 1996. Considerable publicity was generated by Canadian papers.

Mainstream media moguls were able to clamp a black out on the meeting in the United States. Outside of The SPOTLIGHT, only a handful of local dailies gave the meeting any coverage at all.

Many readers who have read the stories in their newspaper or heard about the Bilderberg coverage on the radio, have called to congratulate The SPOTLIGHT staff. But as one editor put it, "There's still a long way to go."

For example, when a reader contacted the Denver Post several months ago and asked how the newspaper missed the story of the Bilderberg Group, Managing Editor Dennis Britton responded There was nothing to miss."

When Geneva Overholser was contacted at the Washington Post earlier this month, she said that the elite, high-powered gatherings of Bilderberg are "ponderous," but not "newsworthy," in spite of the familiar old journalistic adage that "names make news."

Oh, was it news when the Arkansas governor appeared at the 1991 meeting and rose to become president? The SPOTLIGHT said it was -- at the time -- and the New York Times agreed, albeit five years later in a profile of 'Friend of Bill" Vernon Jordan.

Obviously these people have the power to christen future leaders. Colin Powell's presidential stock will predictably skyrocket as a result of his presence at Bilderberg this year. Is that news?

According to Tucker, Bilderbergers have also planned energy policy forecast wars and discussed eliminating borders. Is that news?

As long as media figures such as the Wall Street Journal's Robert Bartley, CBS's Lesley Stahl, Richard Bernstein of the New York Times, and mogul Conrad Black can attend Bilderberg conferences, as they did last week, and not report a single word, the American people will remain ignorant about who is running the country.