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Insider Tells Patriot of Secret Appendices

  • Attached to State Department Publication No. 7277 were secret annexes designed to form a New World Order.
By Angie Carlson

A former federal official says that when Department of State document 7277 was written, three top secret "annexes" were added to work hand-in-hand with it.

"A gun recall was written into Annex A in 1962," the retired State Department-connected source said. "Annex A details the terms, procedures and definitions of the program. It calls our attention to the United States Code, Title 4, Section 1287, that spells out our national security wheat reserve.

"Complete and total gun recall is also included in Annex A," he added. "The GATT and NAFTA treaties were written in 1962 in Annex A. Also in Annex A, the plotters did away with the United States code that guaranteed our grain reserves in this country.

"The last paragraph of that United States Code is what killed that code on September 30, 1995," the source said. "Under the terms it is specified that in the coming years, from 1997 on, monetary wealth will not be the most powerful wealth but the possession of food items will be the most powerful possession we have."

"The powers-that-be didn't want wheat reserves sitting around all over the country. They said renegades could break in and steal and feed themselves, but the oppressors want the people to be oppressed and come to the government for food. That way, the authorities could get the dissidents to hand in their explosives and their rifles."


World Watch Institute most recently broadcast that only 55 days of wheat remained for world consumption. The former official said "we used to have enough for 144 days, and now in the United States, we now have 7-9 days of food in the food transportation chain.

"Barbara Marx Hubbard, the senior advisor to the United States Army, is the one who said 'we are in charge of God's selection process on planet Earth, He selects, we destroy; we are the riders of the pale horse Death.'"
He added, "In her book, she says 'we are going to have to eliminate one- fourth of humanity going into the New World Order.'"

The State Department source said he thought what remains of freedom in the United States would soon be gone.

The chaos and the program will have to be accelerated in order to keep up with the time table spelled out in Annex A," he said. "They'll have to push for the implementation for all the social orders, so they can go into the Annex B portion of 1998."

"The powers-that-be weren't supposed to have just the one tragedy in Oklahoma City,' he added. "That was in Annex A, but another tragedy was supposed to have happened, to where the people would rally behind everybody in Washington, to pass stringent antiterrorism laws.

As further evidence to the deterioration of the American system, the source pointed to the persecution of Michael New, the soldier who was drummed out of the army for refusing to wear UN Blue (SPOTLIGHT Sept.25, 1995 and others).


This addition details the implementation of the full surrender of the people to the program which must fully occur by October 1, 1998.

The program includes preparation for a completely controlled society, to include a national ID card and the registration of every citizen, including illegal immigrants.

In addition, Annex B calls for the complete surrender of all firearms. The three powers that will implement Annex B are the Russians, the Chinese and the Americans according to he source. "They call it the Trilateral Alliance." Annex C calls for continuation of the operations by October 1, 1999.