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Cover Up Continues at Washington Post

  • According to the Washington Post, a secret meeting of the world's top financiers, industrial leaders, media moguls and government rulers isn't newsworthy. Ask Geneva Overholser.
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Even as a contingency from Mexico was preparing to motor to Atlanta to help welcome Bilderberg participants, the Washington Post was responding to inquiries about its lack of coverage of the impending Bilderberg conclave with a non-response.

Meanwhile, the Welcome Bilderberg Committee rushed a list of lowcost hotels located within 10-12 miles of the Renaissance Pine Isle Resort on Lake Lanier Islands, 50 miles from Atlanta, where the international elite will meet June 12-15.

The committee's phone has been ringing constantly with calls from throughout the United States and many have been unable to get through. The hotel list was faxed to The SPOTLIGHT in an effort to help inform those unable to reach them, committee volunteers said.

The Post's ombudsman, Geneva Overholser, had been asked by The SPOTLIGHT (June 9, 1997) to explain why the newspaper has never covered Bilderberg.

Miss Overholser was advised by The SPOTLIGHT that she could interview Katharine Graham, owner of the Post, who regularly attends Bilderberg meetings on the promise made by all journalists and broadcasters to report nothing.

"If observations of Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, etc, hold true, There's much that is ponderous but little that is newsworthy," Miss Overholser replied in writing.
Her answer suggests that Miss Overholser does not consider the downfall of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister of Britain or the end of the Cold War to be "newsworthy."


These were among the stories, Miss Overholser had been advised, That SPOTLIGHT reported far ahead of the mainstream media based on information gleaned from Bilderberg.

Although we correctly identified Bilderberg's junior partners - the Trilateral Commission, The CFR (it propaganda ministry) and the Aspen Institute, Miss Overholser failed to explain how she knew them to be "ponderous" but not "newsworthy" without covering their meetings.

The Welcome Bilderberg Committee reports that Sam Nunn, former Democratic senator from Georgia who served as chairman of the Armed Service committee, has "refused" to attend this meeting in his home state.

In recent years, Congressional leaders stopped attending Bilderberg meetings because of problems with the voters. Nunn attended last year after announcing his retirement from the Senate.