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Follow The Money

Fellow patriots, are you supporting the "gun-grabbers," abortionists or others who are pursuing un-Godly aims in this country? Before you mutter "of course, not" and skip on over to the next article, consider this: If you watch television, read major mainstream periodicals, go to the movies or buy things made or sold by big corporations, you are very likely providing support for an anti-American agenda.

So, how does watching TV translate into supporting an anti-American agenda? For years, American-first periodicals such as The SPOTLIGHT have reported on the left-bias of the nations media and Hollywood rank-and-file. Now, with the help of the Internet, you can research these things for yourself.

First, point your web browser at

This is the official web site of the Federal Elections commission (FEC). At this site, you can find out about federal election law, campaign financing and even how the complaint process works. There are also downloadable "campaign guides" for PAC's candidates and parties. These are electronic copies, in portable document format, of the literature issued by the FEC. Although they can take a relatively long time to download, and require the use of a special program called Acrobat reader to view, the result looks exactly like the printed version, as though it had been photographed for display on the computer screen. Acrobat is available for free download from

Also available at are some statistics on voter turnout where I discovered that in the last election, only 49 percent of the voting age population bothered to turn out to vote. That certainly puts the lie to any claim of the current occupant of the Oval Office to having a "mandate from the people." More likely, it is an indication of the disdain most Americans have for both of the major political parties.

The real interesting data about elections, however, comes not from the FEC. Instead, we turn to a site called "FECInfo,' located at

FECInfo is a clearing house for information on campaign contributions and spending. The data on site is obtained from the FEC, and maintained in searchable form. Individual and corporate contributions, as well as PAC spending is available for search. It is at this site that we can verify t\what The SPOTLIGHT has been reporting about the political leanings of celebrities, et. al. As and example, by searching the occupation database for actors and the occupation database for actors and actresses, I was who the celebrities support.

I also noticed that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) Has many "friends" who contributed to her campaign, as does Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.). Speaking of Schumer, did you know that he has the largest campaign treasure chest of all the candidates, with over $5 million? I discovered all this ate FECInfo.

There weren't many candidates or PACs listed which met with my approval. And that's OK, from the standpoint of this being a free country, where we can support who or what we want. However, I realized while perusing the lists, that I am supporting these people, either directly by purchasing tickets to their movies, or indirectly by watching their TV shows. And my support of them gives the means to lend financial assistance to causes which I find offensive, and believe to be un-American.

Clearly, we need to be more discriminating in our information and entertainment choices, if we are to be true to our beliefs.

Now, I'm not saying that you can or should totally abstain from economic contact with anyone who doesn't totally agree with your politics or religion. But, whenever possible, avoid supporting those who support causes that violate your beliefs. In the process, you may find that your are getting more wholesome entertainment, and less liberal indoctrination as well.

While you're at FECInfo, check out the listing for the PAC to which you contribute. Make sure that they are spending your contributions wisely. If Not, stop supporting that committee.

The Internet provides access to information for making more informed choices. Use it. Assert yourself and don't compromise your convictions.

Next time we'll look at other ways to use the Internet to make your influence count.