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Case Against Accused OK Bomber Crumbling

  • Even as the mainstream media trumpets an alleged "confession" by Tim McVeigh, the case against the accused Oklahoma City bomber is collapsing.
Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT
By Mike Blair

Stephen Jones, attorney for accused Oklahoma City bomber Timothy J. McVeigh, has stated several times that the American people will never be able to think of their government in the same way once they learn the complete truth about the worst terrorist act in U.S. history.

As the trial moves toward a courtroom in Colorado the government's case against McVeigh being the alleged lone bomber, assisted in the background by an old Army buddy, Terry Nichols, is falling apart. It smacks of cover-up, tainted evidence and a BATF sting operation that went sour, causing the deaths of 168 people.

"It is now quite possible that Tim McVeigh, the main suspect, will be acquitted," according to crack British journalist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, reporting in a recent edition of The Sunday Telegraph of London, a reporter and a newspaper that have become renowned for scooping the mainstream news media in America.


Evans-Pritchard now reports that it has become "clear that the Justice Department is willing to let the case [against McVeigh and Nichols] collapse rather than risk collateral revelations" in the act of terrorism, "one that precipitated a huge witch hunt against the militia movement and, by raising the specter of right-wing extremism, arguably helped President Clinton's reelection."

One of the worst chinks in the Justice Department's case against McVeigh and Nichols is that it has now been reported by no less a source than the department's own Inspector General's Office that FBI lab officials have been pressured to falsify evidence and even perjure themselves on the witness stand in order to support weak government prosecutions.

Of course, such actions are felonies.

As Evans-Pritchard has accurately reported, "everything it [the lab] touches is now tainted."

Tainted to a point where critical evidence in the Oklahoma City case will be negated by defense counsels during the trial. This includes alleged evidence of chemical residue of a fertilizer-fuel oil bomb, which the government insists was responsible for the massive blast, being found on McVeigh's clothing.

Due to information which has surfaced from the Inspector General's report on the FBI lab, a strong case can be made that the contamination of the clothing could have resulted from the fact that the laboratory is contaminated with such residue and improper handling and storage of McVeigh's clothes within the lab.


In fact, the FBI lab is so contaminated that the bureau is now sending critical evidence to Scotland Yard in London for analysis because the reliability of its own facilities has been destroyed.

It doesn't take a Perry Mason to figure out the field day in court that Jones and other members of the defense will have with such disclosures.

There is also the FBI arrest in late January of Michael Brecia, the man long alleged by other than government probers as the elusive "John Doe No. 2," whom the FBI now insists never existed.

But instead of connecting Brecia with the bombing, although he is known to have been closely associated with McVeigh, the FBI nabbed him for his alleged part in a series of bank robberies, which is most interesting since McVeigh's sister told bureau agents back in May 1995 that McVeigh had been involved in bank robberies.

The FBI, it seems, didn't want to hear about that. Why? Because it would tie McVeigh to a larger conspiracy, one, in fact, involving the federal government.

At the moment, government prosecutors' worst nightmare-come-true is the emergence of a paid informant working for the Tulsa office of the FBI. This woman says she filmed three members of an extremist group in Oklahoma discussing the blowing up of a federal building. That was months before the actual bombing.


It must not be forgotten that the same situation emerged in the trial of those accused of the earlier blowing up of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.

It was revealed in court that the FBI had known well in advance of the bombing plans but, contrary to its informant's evidence of the plot and desire to halt it, allowed it to proceed with devastating results.

Now, in the case of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City the veracity of the woman informant's revelations ring true and explain why a BATF bomb squad was outside the building before the blast occurred.

This, of course, confirms previous reports in The SPOTLIGHT that the bombing of the Murrah building was a government sting operation, intended to catch the perpetrators in the act of planting the bomb before it could be detonated, and thus proving a heinous right-wing extremist plot against the government and the need for a curtailment of American liberties.