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Plutocrats Plot Attack on Sovereignty

  • When the secretive Bilderberg clique meets next month in Georgia, they will be studying a blueprint for dismantling the American republic.
By James P. Tucker Jr.

Among the documents Bilderberg participants will study when they meet June 12-15 at the Renaissance Pineisle Resort on Lake Lanier Islands near Atlanta is a call for speedier surrender of American sovereignty.

The study, The Americas in 1997: Making Cooperation Work, is the product of Sol Linowitz, chief U.s. negotiator in giving away the American Canal at Panama in 1997. While no known to be directly involved, his Bilderberg connections go back decades.

Linowitz concludes that the process of extending NAFTA to include the entire Western Hemisphere and the establishment of the "American Union" -- patterned after the European Union -- must be speeded up.

Linowitz is too circumspect to actually use the term "American Union" But the intended result is inescapable; the code words are "economic integration." Economic integration equals international integration.

The document is not classified but not widely known to the public at large; It circulates mostly among Bilderberg, its brother group, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, which effectively functions as the propaganda ministry of the world shadow government.

Dated April 23, 1997, the document was provided to The SPOTLIGHT by an official of the State Department who has been a reliable source for more than a decade.

The study was funded by such Bilderberg stalwarts as chase Manhattan Foundation, Ford Foundation, The Carnegie Corporation of New York, the AT&T Foundation and the World Bank.

First, the study celebrates the abandonment of the Monroe Doctrine:

"The consensus among Hemispheric governments that UN peace keepers should be stationed in Guatemala to assist that country's peace process helped to reverse China's veto of UN involvement this past year."

Abandoning the doctrine that Europe cannot interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere -- and vice versa -- is important to Bilderberg's plans for a world government. Americans are now accustomed to the UN's world army interfering in domestic affairs.

The report calls for speedier expansion of NAFTA until all nations are included, and the 90-man commission grows accordingly, evolving into the American Union Parliament. It urges President Clinton, himself a Bilderberg veteran, to call for "fast-track" authority, in which he negotiates NAFTA expansion and Congress votes it up of down without amendments.

But to help push toward the parliament, the document also calls for NAFTA to involve itself in environmental maters, redistributing the wealth from you southward, natural resources and other traditionally national issues.

"The hemisphere confronts a variety of common problems whose solutions require cooperation and shared learning," it says. "The prevention of environmental damage and the management of natural resources, particularly among border areas and waterways, require sustained cooperation."

It says NAFTA should "reallocate existing public expenditures from upper- to lower-income groups and introduce tough measures to insure the better-off pay all of their taxes. Throughout the region, tax burdens are slight compared to other middle-income countries."

A "main task" is confronting poverty and inequality," it says. Translated, this means the American Union will impose taxes so the standard of living in the United States will drop as that of Latin America rises, to the point of "equality."