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AT&T Teams With Gun Grabbers

  • AT&T is now financing the anti-gun movement in America.
By Mike Blair

American Telephone and Telegraph, known by most simply as AT&T and as America's largest and most wealthy long distance telephone carrier, has contributed $3 million to help fund efforts by anti-gun groups to take away your second amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

As gun owners across America "reach out to touch someone" over AT&T lines, most are totally unaware that the giant of the telephone and communications industry is closely allied with the anti-gun crowd that is urging the passage of restrictive bills to ban firearms and their use by ordinary citizens.

AT&T is linked to the nation's premier anti-gun organization, Handgun Control, Inc., through a &3 million grant to fund a group called the Coalition For America's Children.

Ruth Wooden, president of the Advertising Council, explained to the New Gun Week bulletin that the campaign promotes the work and issues of the coalition and that its purpose is to "motivate and inspire" people to take direct political action at all levels to protect political action at all levels to protect children.

The private ownership of guns is the primary target.

The coalition was actually organized by the M.G. Benton Fund, founded and chaired by Margorie Benton, who is also a trustee of the Benton Foundation and a national committee member of Handgun Control, Inc.

The coalition is provided office space and staff by the Benton foundation in Washington. In addition, five of the coalition's seven-member executive committee also are members of Handgun control, Inc. or its ally, the Coalition to Stop Handgun Violence.

The coalition was undertaken to supposedly focus of four main issues: health, education, safety and security, which were further refined and the safety issue zeroed in on gun control and a pledge to educate the public about the dangers of firearms to children.

The coalition's efforts to educate are illustrated by some of its statements included in its promotional material, including:

"Reduce the availability of guns...Urge the president and congressional and state level leaders to take strong action to control the availability of guns...

"Handguns, deadly airguns and 'assault weapons' should be banned...also recommend regulation of handgun ammunition, reduction of privately-owned handguns and placing restrictions on handgun ownership..

"The best way to protect children against gun violence is to remove all guns from the home."

Ads promoting the program are paid for by the AT&T Foundation and are headlined: "We're Fighting for the Children."

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