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"Your Influence Counts ... Use It!"

Blue-Collar Jobs Are Disappearing
The New York Times

... Middle-aged men moving in with parents, wives taking two jobs, veteran workers taking overnight shifts at half their former pay, families moving West - these are signs of the turmoil and stresses emerging in the little towns and backwoods mobile homes of southeast Ohio, where dozens of factories and several coal mines have closed over the last decade, and small businesses are giving way to big-box retailers and fast-food outlets. Here, where the northern swells of the Appalachians lap the southern fringe of the Rust Belt, thousands of people who long had tough but sustainable lives are being wrenched into the working poor.

The Bilderberg Group: Rulers of the World

Audio of interview with investigator and author Daniel Estulin, on his book, "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group," which describes the secretive annual gatherings of the European and American political elite, including the world's wealthiest CEOs, who discuss and plan the economic and political future of humanity. Estulin also speaks about the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Runtime: one hour.

Entangling Alliances
Rep. Ron Paul

... When we look at global situations today, the words of our founding fathers are becoming more relevant daily. We need to understand that a simple, humble foreign policy makes us less vulnerable and less targeted on the world stage. Pakistan should not be getting an "allowance" from us and we should not be propping up military dictators that oppress people. We should mind our own business and stop the oppressive taxation of Americans that makes this meddling possible.

Can Diversity Destroy Us?
Patrick J. Buchanan

... And so our rulers, marinated in the myths that we "are a nation of immigrants" and "our diversity is our strength," continue to embrace mass immigration, the more the better. But are the myths true? ... How can we say diversity is a strength, when the most diverse nations of Europe, Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union, shattered into 22 nations as soon as they became free, and Slovaks and Czechs divorced? ... This generation is witnessing the Deconstruction of America. Out of one, many.